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From the second Netflix aired the mass suicide of walruses in a David Attenborough documentary there was controversy in regards to the surprising scene.

The disturbing imaginative and prescient was filmed as a part of the brand new nature collection Our Planet and left many viewers horrified.

The scene reveals dozens of walruses tumbling down a steep cliff within the Bering Strait, touchdown on the jagged rocks beneath.

The movie crew had been seen watching on in horror because the violent occasions performed out earlier than them.

There was instant controversy in regards to the graphic nature of the footage and whether or not or not it ought to have been included within the documentary.

Now the main target has turned to the reason for the mass loss of life.

The documentary blamed the horrific occasion on local weather change, with Atten­borough saying melting sea ice drove the animals to the sting of the cliff.

“Walruses’ eyesight out of the water is poor, however they will sense the others down beneath; as they get hungry, they should return to the ocean,” he mentioned.

“Of their desperation to take action, a whole lot fall from heights they need to by no means have scaled.”

Nevertheless, many individuals have since refuted that local weather change was accountable, suggesting polar bears, drones or the crew could possibly be accountable.

Zoologist Susan Crockford has claimed walruses dying from falling from cliffs will not be an phenomenon and urged polar bears seemingly induced the occasion.

“The lie being instructed by Attenborough and the movie crew is that 200-300 walruses fell through the time they had been filming, whereas actually they filmed just a few: polar bears had been accountable for almost all of the carcasses proven on the seaside beneath the cliff,” Ms Crockford wrote on her web site.

“That is, in fact, along with the larger lie that lack of sea ice is accountable for walrus herds being onshore within the first place.”

She claims the walruses had been herded and chased over the cliff by polar bears and the crew used misleading modifying to go away that half out.

There was an incident in Russia in 2017 the place polar bears had been reported to have spooked a herd of walruses, inflicting them to fall off a cliff to their deaths.

Ms Crockford believes that is the occasion that was filmed by the documentary crew.

“The movie crew have steadfastly refused to disclose exactly the place and after they filmed the walrus deaths proven on this movie in relation to the walrus deaths initiated by polar bears reported by The Siberian Occasions within the fall of 2017,” she mentioned.

The present’s producer, Sophie Lanfear, refuted these claims on Twitter, saying “bears weren’t driving them off the cliffs” through the filming.

There have additionally been accusations that the movie crew blocked the walruses exit and spooked the animals with their drones and different tools.

A US Fisheries spokesman mentioned walruses can flee en masse in response to “the sight, sound and particularly odours from people and machines”, The Australian reported.

Ms Lanfear defended how the movie crew acted across the animals.

“When approaching the walruses, we made certain we had been downwind of them and that we couldn’t be seen,’’ she mentioned.

“We solely stood up when it was secure to take action and once we weren’t susceptible to scaring any walruses.’’

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