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Out of Date Objections to Search Engine Optimization

Five Out of Date Objections to Search Engine Optimization {SEO}

It’s been less than twenty years since the Internet began to revolutionize the marketing business. As the computer and easy access to world markets via the Internet began to take hold, strategic marketing services choice for all business dramatically multiplied. So far, few companies are taking full advantage of the marketing potential of the Internet and cling to the same old so-called proven formulas of so much money spent on Yellow Pages, so much on newsprint ads, and so much on direct mail marketing. But many other companies have jumped into the Internet pool with both feet and never looked back at the pool’s edge. For the elite among modern marketers, marketing outsourcing has given them a preeminent position in the modern marketing arena.   Still there are many companies…well established, well financed and successful companies…who are resisting true exposure on the Internet and refuse to recognize the optimization possible through marketing outsourcing. Here are the five most common complaints and why they just don’t pass the “straight face test” for not leading the charge to marketing outsourcing as a means of leveraging a giant image on the Internet.

Out of Date Objections to Search Engine Optimization

There is no room in marketing budgets for expanded Internet presence. This is one of those “can’t pass a straight face test” statements. Traditional marketing methods spends many, many dollars to reach a relatively few clients who may or may not even see the traditional advertisement. SEO marketing aggressively processed by high quality marketing outsourcing reaches those customers who are looking for the product or service offered. Outsourcing marketing of the Internet presence is efficient, fast, direct and less expensive than any other advertising form. Our company has all the business it needs without a web presence. Oh really? This reaction comes from fear of the unknown not an understanding of the realty of the balance sheet. NO company has “all the business it needs”. Any business not growing, or not equipped with a growth and development plan set and goal is a dying business. Relying on the past for advertising is a funeral approach to business whereas marketing outsourcing that leverages the power of an Internet presence is a welcoming hand to the dawn of a new day of growth, development and profits.   Key phrases are over used, seem too competitive and crowd the Internet. Probably one of the greatest advantage of SEO in the hands of a high level outsourcing marketing company is the ability to target precisely the customer that you want to reach. The “usual” key phrases or words may well be overused, but there is no limit to the way that phrases can be uniquely tailored to individual purposes.   There is just no money in the budget to afford expanding into SEO marketing. Well, this is a valid concern in any economic situation. The cost effectiveness of SEO marketing cannot be overstated, but the ultimate number of advertising dollars must be seriously understood also. Utilization marketing outsourcing services furnished by a professional outsourcing company can properly examine the advertising budget, the needs of advertising, the desired target clients. Often the cost of penetrating a target market by SEO can be realized through efficient screening of chargeable hits, and of course, with outsourcing marketing, the initial cost of marketing efforts will be controlled and even reduced.   We can’t afford, or don’t want to redesign the whole website to enable SEO effectiveness.Well, this objection is really not a valid objection to cost. It is a relatively simple technical question that any professional marketing outsourcing company can resolve through the use of its own technical personnel. Most websites already contain the basic portals that will invite in the desired contacts and lead generation power of SEO marketing.   Obviously no more excuses should be accepted for not using marketing outsourcing to leverage SEO marketing on the Internet. Your competitors are already there, and by taking advantage of professionals engaged in the marketing outsourcing business will launch any company into a leadership position in this twenty first century

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