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The wonder business is split on the subject of one ingredient – mineral oil. Whereas manufacturers use the phrase ‘mineral’ to market merchandise like mineral foundations, beauty palettes, and thermal water, the controversy will get heated the minute we begin speaking about mineral oil. Why are there such conflicting opinions about mineral oil? Is it actually dangerous to your pores and skin? Let’s discover out extra.

What Is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum. It’s used extensively throughout all industries. It’s a pure ingredient that’s extracted from the earth and graded for various makes use of. Beauty grade mineral oil is refined and filtered in a means that makes it usable. It has been utilized in skincare merchandise for over 100 years now as a result of it’s mild, spreadable, cheap, colorless, and odorless.

However, is it good to your pores and skin? Let’s discover out!

Is It Okay To Use Mineral Oil For Pores and skin? If Not, Why?

Mineral Oil For Skin If Not, Why


Mineral oils fall below the hydrocarbon class of chemical compounds, which implies they comprise hydrogen and carbon. These atoms are heavy and do not need nice permeability. The opposite generally identified hydrocarbons are paraffin and petroleum, which is what offers mineral oil a foul rap.

Beauty manufacturers use a grade of mineral oil that’s permissible and authorised to be used on the pores and skin. Nonetheless, it might contaminate your physique, which is why its use in skincare and beauty merchandise is hotly debated. A research was performed on 140 pregnant girls earlier than their C-section to check their our bodies for contamination. It was discovered that they’d hydrocarbons of their system from mineral oil. This mineral oil was attributed to probably the most related and identified sources (with none stable conclusion) – cosmetics (1).

Mineral oil spreads simply, has a extremely moisturizing impact in your pores and skin, and leaves it feeling easy. All of this occurs on the floor of the pores and skin because it can not seep by means of its layers. It locks in moisture, creates a barrier in order that moisture doesn’t escape, and leaves your pores and skin hydrated for prolonged intervals. Nonetheless, it is a double-sided sword as some aestheticians argue that it blocks the topmost later of pores and skin and suffocates it.

Whereas it’s neither completely dangerous nor one thing which you could vouch for, mineral oil must be utilized in moderation. Use it sparingly, go for merchandise from reputed manufacturers, and all the time do a patch check to examine if it causes any discoloration.

Now that we all know that it’s okay to make use of mineral oil-based merchandise moderately, let’s bust some myths and truths about this ingredient.

Mineral Oil In Pores and skin Care – Myths And Truths

Mineral Oil In Skin Care - Myths And Truths


1. It Is Made From Petroleum

Mineral oil is a by-product of the distillation course of that’s used to get petroleum merchandise, like gasoline. Beauty-grade mineral oil goes by means of a tedious refining course of to make it secure to be used (2).

2. It Can Trigger Most cancers

Whereas some folks argue that mineral oil is carcinogenic, specialists remind us that since it is rather heavy, it can not penetrate your pores and skin to trigger any harm. It settles in your pores and skin’s floor and creates a movie to lock in moisture. Thus, it washes off simply with cleaning procedures.

three. It Clogs Pores

From child merchandise to grownup manufacturers, every part that beauty product we use accommodates mineral oil in some capability. It’s because it protects your pores and skin’s prime layer. Since because it can not penetrate your pores and skin, it isn’t potential for it to clog your pores (three).

four. It Treats Zits And Irritation

In actuality, mineral oil doesn’t do a lot to your pores and skin. Sure, it spreads simply and hydrates your pores and skin. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have any antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, or amino acids that may deal with any pores and skin points.

5. It Is Artificial

Mineral oil is derived from fossilized plankton and algae discovered deep inside Earth’s crust, so it’s fully pure (2). It’s then refined by means of a number of processes to reach at its beauty kind, however its supply is something however artificial.

The professionals and cons of mineral oil proceed to be debated. There are a number of research underway which are making an attempt to get to a conclusion. The one recommendation we can provide is to examine all of the elements within the merchandise that you’re utilizing to to find out how secure they’re. What’s your tackle this? Do you have got any extra questions mineral oil? Tell us by dropping a message within the feedback part under.


Is mineral oil good for acne-prone pores and skin?

There aren’t any research that show that mineral oil can deal with pimples. Nonetheless, it’s alright to apply it to acne-prone pores and skin. Simply hold a detailed eye in your pores and skin for the primary few days to see the way it reacts.


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